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I have tried over and over to build the perfect release system for my drones and I have always wired mine to the lights having to take the drone apart and making it look sloppy with the servo. This is the perfect system and is so amazingly made. The box itself has a rechargeable 9 volt battery that makes it even worth more just because of the fact you don't have to continue to buy 9 volt batteries. And the remote has an extendable antenna that takes a 9 volt which came included. The remote one is not rechargeable but rarely will it have to be changed and I am surprised for the price that the maker gave a rechargeable charger and battery. Very well built. Quality. Works flawlessly on my phantom 4. I'm going to revise my rating with a YouTube video at how perfect it works. Thank you so much for making something that works and not having to continually spend money on trying to design my own. 

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